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Since its founding, VIVA has rapidly built a reputation for expertise and unrivalled value as an online provider of CIMA case study resources. In our first year, we were officially awarded CIMA Global Learning Partner status. Whether you are an independent student who needs a full study solution for your CIMA case study, or are simply looking for extra materials with which to supplement your studies, VIVA has the solution for you.

Our unique model of streamlined online delivery with in-house expertise allows us to deliver premium CIMA resources at a fraction of the cost of other providers. We have everything from complete, ready-made case study packs, to mock exams in online CIMA simulators, annotated pre-seen documents, HD video lectures, and much more. You won't find better case study solutions. And with our Lifetime Pass Guarantee, you have added assurance that you will pass your case study with VIVA's support.

To see exactly what you can expect from VIVA, check out our samples and information below.

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Case Study Packs

Case Study Packs

Full multimedia case study packs, including: HD video lectures applying theory from all 3 pillars to the pre-seen case; professional interactive mock exams; annotated pre-seen documents; financial ratios and calculations; HD industry analysis videos; pass and price guarantees; and more.

Professional Mock Exams

Professional Mock Exams

We take great pride in the authenticity of our mock exams. Each exam is weighted in accordance with official CIMA criteria and benchmarked against past exams. All of our mock exams are available in our online CIMA exam simulator, so that students can practice answering realistic questions under timed conditions.

Marking Services

Marking Services

We also offer mock exam marking services. You can send your attempted answers to the expert tutors at VIVA tuition, and we will provide invaluable professional feedback on what you did right, what you did wrong, and where exactly you need to improve to pass your case study exam.

Price and Pass Guarantees

Price and Pass Guarantees

If you find an equivalent offer from another provider at a lower price, we will instantly beat that price. We also offer extra assurance on all our packs with our famous lifetime pass guarantee--which means that if you don't pass, you don't pay for any future packs at that level until you pass your case study exam.

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At VIVA, we also work closely with academies and tutors, delivering the resources and study supports they need to guide their students through the CIMA Case Study preparation process. We have already established strong working relationships with a number of other academies, and welcome queries from other providers who may wish to begin a partnership. We can supply study resources - whether in white label format or otherwise - or grant your students access to our online facilities.

We are also happy to invite affiliates on board. We can set you up with an affiliate account in no time, and on the same day begin earning with VIVA Financial Tuition.

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