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MCS February 2017 Financial Overview

by Thomas Newman

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Menteen Studios is the fictional company selected for the pre-seen relating to the February 2017 Management Case Study (MCS). Menteen is a European film production and distribution company and competes with the major Hollywood studios in a global marketplace. It's a fascinating industry marked by high uncertainty and high risk. Demand is extremely difficult to predict and film production costs regularly far exceed budgeted costs due to project overrun which is commonplace in the industry. Add to this mix the challenges presented by technology in the form of illegal piracy and the arrival of powerful online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime and you have a challenging commercial environment. As a result of all of this, it's increasingly hard to attract external investment to make new films. All of the above shows in some way in Menteen's financial statements and while the company maintains decent profit margins, there are reasons to be concerned...