Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves in offering personal and prompt assistance to all of our users, and endeavour to reply to each student and customer in a timely fashion. If you are totally stuck, please don’t hesitate to contact us at However, to help us to help you more efficiently, please consult the FAQ below before getting in touch, so that your problem or question might be addressed more rapidly.

If this is your first time buying materials with us, and you have not previously registered at VIVA Financial Tuition, then you will be required to enter an email and your first name and surname before purchasing. Once you have completed your purchase, an automatically generated password will be sent instantly to the email address you have entered (PLEASE NOTE: depending on your email server, sometimes VIVA's automated email with password is redirected to users' Spam folders or Bins. Please be sure to check all such folders). Use this password with your email address to Log In to your website account area at Once you have logged in, you can then access your purchased materials by clicking on “My Products”. Here you will see a complete list of all the individual products you have purchased (whether as discrete products, or as part of a pack).

Once you have completed your purchase, an automatically generated password is sent instantly to the email address you have entered. Use this password with your email address to Log In to your website account. You can change your password by clicking on My Account in the top right corner of the website. Then click on Account Details”, and fill in the spaces under the “Change Password” section. Once you have filled in each space correctly, click the “Save Changes” button. Your new password will now be active.

Yes, VIVA does offer a mock exam marking service as part of our Professional Genius Study Packs. This entitles you to have your answers to all of the VIVA mock exams included in your pack corrected by our Case Study experts. You can also purchase marking services separately from our store pages for individual mock exams, or groups of mock exams. Please note that Mock Exams are not included if you only purchase Professional Marking Services. Mock Exams must be purchased separately (or as part of a Pack). You have until 5 days before the beginning of your official CIMA exam to submit your mock exam answers for correction, and must email us with your Mock Answers attached as a Word or PDF document (please see entry 10 in the FAQ below for instructions on how to submit and retrieve your Mock Exam answers from the simulator). Our turnaround time for each exam correction is approximately between 24 and 48 hours, extending to 72 hours within 7 days of the beginning of CIMA case study exams for the relevant level. Please note that we do not correct mock exams from other tuition providers.

As indicated under the product descriptions, products containing Mock Exams will have the corresponding Mock Exam Answer Documents added to the pack automatically at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the official CIMA Case Study exams. Customers will be notified as soon as the documents and videos have been added to their accounts. If by the relevant date you still cannot access the answers, please contact us at
In order to protect against illegal copying and sharing of purchased materials, VIVA Financial Tuition’s products are neither downloadable nor printable, and can only be viewed on-site. This is standard practice for professional online CIMA tuition providers. If providers allowed downloads, there is a danger that producing quality professional tuition content would fast become unsustainable. Additionally, it is against CIMA’s official code of ethics for students to share purchased materials. In some cases, CIMA has barred students from sitting their exams after being reported for sharing/attempting to share purchased materials. We therefore want to reduce our students’ risk of exposing themselves to punishment by CIMA, either intentionally or by accident. Please feel free to contact us if you have issues with reliable internet access, or if much of your study takes place while travelling out of range of internet signals so that we can help you in whatever way we can to ensure consistent access to your VIVA Financial Tuition materials.

We explain our Lifetime Pass Guarantee in full detail here: In summary, the Lifetime Pass Guarantee applies to our Study Packs only. If you purchase a Study Pack for a particular CIMA case study exam, and you fail that exam after having purchased our Pack, you will be entitled to free access to all our future corresponding Study Packs (or equivalent) at that level (i.e. Operational or Management or Strategic), until you pass the exam. To qualify for free access, you will need to provide a copy/scan of your official CIMA results for the previous Case Study. For each new Study Pack, you will be required to provide the same proof that you have failed the previous Case Study Exam. The 3 examples below illustrate 3 different, typical student scenarios: Example 1 represents compliance with our terms and conditions. Example 2 and Example 3 both represent a voiding of the Lifetime Pass Guarantee.

Example 1: Jane purchases our Smarter Study Pack for the February 2018 MCS exam. She then attempts and fails the official CIMA February 2018 MCS exam. She sends official confirmation of her exam result and personal identification to when she finds out that she has failed the CIMA February 2018 MCS exam. The May 2018 MCS materials are then added to her account free of charge after CIMA releases the pre-seen matierals for the May 2018 MCS exam. Jane sits and once again fails the CIMA May 2018 MCS exam. As before, she sends official confirmation of her exam result to when she finds out that she has failed the CIMA May 2018 MCS exam. The August 2018 MCS materials are then added to her account free of charge after CIMA releases the pre-seen matierals for the August 2018 MCS exam. And so on until she passes...

Example 2: John purchases our Smarter Study Pack for the February 2018 MCS exam. He studies for the February 2018 MCS exam using VIVA's materials, but then decides for whatever personal reason that he cannot sit the official February 2018 MCS exam. He then sends us an email in April 2018 telling us that he could not attempt the February exam, and asks if we can add the May 2018 MCS Smarter Study Pack to his account. We email John telling him that he has voided the Lifetime Pass Guarantee by failing to sit the most recent CIMA MCS exam.

Example 3: Michael purchases our Smarter Study Pack for the February 2018 MCS exam. He studies for the February 2018 MCS using VIVA's materials and then attempts and fails the official CIMA February 2018 MCS exam. Michael sends official confirmation of his exam result to when he finds out that he has failed the CIMA February 2018 MCS exam. The May 2018 MCS materials are then added to his account free of charge after CIMA releases the pre-seen matierals for the May 2018 MCS exam. Michael then decides for whatever personal reason that he cannot sit the official May 2018 MCS exam, nor the August 2018 MCS exam. He sends us an email immediately telling us that he will not be able to sit the official CIMA exams either in May or in August, and asks if we can grant access to the November 2018 MCS Smarter Study Pack instead when the pre-seen materials are eventually released for the November 2018 MCS. We email Michael telling him that he will void the Lifetime Pass Guarantee if he fails to sit the next official CIMA MCS exam, and therefore cannot promise to grant him access to the November 2018 MCS materials.

VIVA Financial Tuition takes your privacy and security seriously. For this reason, we have designed our website so as to maximise the possibility of identifying user fraud. If another person somehow acquires your Log In information without your consent, and attempts to Log In at the same time as you, you will be automatically logged out and notified that you are logged in from a different device. If this occurs, and you are sure you are only logged in on one device, you will know that another person has acquired your Log In information, at which point you can contact us at so that we can secure your account. Additionally, this feature discourages customers from sharing their account information with non-customers; if multiple users try to log in through the same account and access one user’s products, they will find themselves repeatedly logged out and will not be able to study consistently and securely.
Once you have registered, received your automated password and logged in, you can change your email address by clicking on the My Account button at the top right of the website, and then clicking “Account Details” in your account page. Simply delete your current email and re-enter a new one. Then press “Save Changes”.
In rare cases, the automated email with the automatically generated password fails to deliver to the user. If this occurs, it signals that the email server you are using has certain restrictions preventing it from receiving emails from unrecognised/unauthorised sources. Some such servers include, for example, If you have an email address on such a server, the easiest thing to do is create a new, free temporary email address at either Hotmail or Gmail, and from there send us an email at We will then be able to resolve your problem and provide you with a new password so that you can access your materials without any further issues.

In order to have your VIVA Mock Exam answers corrected by one of our CIMA case study specialists, you must email the answers in Word document format to Of course, you must already have purchased Professional Marking services and at least one VIVA Mock Exam (see FAQ entry above for details) in order to avail of our marking services. Once you have purchased the materials and written your answer, simply email us your Mock Exam answer as an attached Word document for correction with the subject line "Mock Answer for Correction". Please ensure that the Word document title includes the Mock Exam to which it corresponds (e.g. SCS Mock Exam 1) and your name.

If you have written your answers on VIVA's Mock Exam CIMA Simulator, you can retrieve your answers (provided you have followed the Mock Instructions carefully - which you can read on the Mock Exam landing page by clicking the "Mock Instructions" button) by clicking on the "My Account" button in the main menu near the top of the page, and selecting "Answers". From there, choose the Mock Exams tab and from the first dropdown menu on the left, select the relevant Mock Exam. After that, choose the relevant date/time of submission of your exam answer, and click the "eye" icon to view the answers. This will bring you to Section 1 of the relevant Mock Exam with your answer saved below. You can then navigate through each subsequent section and the answer you wrote for that section. You can also copy the text of each of your answers, which then allows you to paste the answer for each section into a Word document.