Thomas Newman

VIVA Financial Tuition founder and CEO Thomas Newman is an entrepreneur who firmly believes in helping students find their own way to thrive. Thomas grew up in a family of entrepreneurs (on his dad's side) and teachers (on his mum's side). After finding traditional learning methods frustrating, he developed his own winning formula, which helped him pass seven CIMA exams in just nine months! VIVA was founded so that he could pass on this learning to other students.

Thomas has been teaching on VIVA's OCS, MCS and SCS courses since late 2016. He has carried out 45 pre-seen analyses. 


Hugo Newman

Hugo holds a PhD from University College Dublin, where his research focused on the intersection of public policy, ethics and economics. He is the co-founder of VIVA. He has written essays and articles for some of the leading political and economic publications in the world (his latest from Quillette and the Foundation for Economic Education).

Hugo teaches both E1 and E2 for VIVA, as well as the OCS, MCS and SCS, where he specialises in industry analyses and the application of Enterprise (E1, E2, E3) topics to the cases.


Hugh Martin

As VIVA's Director of CIMA Content, Hugh has in-depth expertise of the CIMA syllabus. 

CGMA Hugh knows a thing or two about how to ace CIMA exams: he passed four exams in four months and placed 1st in Ireland for the Operational Case Study Exams.

Hugh has taught right across the CIMA syllabus, but he specialises in case studies (OCS, MCS and SCS). He also teaches VIVA's P1 subject. 


Ben Wilson

A former Big 4 auditor, for the past 12 years Ben Wilson has worked at the top of the professional education market, working first as a lecturer and manager at Kaplan before moving to Avado as their Head of Learning.

Ben teaches VIVA's E3 and F3 subjects. He is also VIVA's MCS tutor. 


Nick Drape

Nick Drape currently lectures at the University of Liverpool and was nominated by PQ Magazine for lecturer of the year 2020. He has extensive experience both in practice as an accountant, and in financial training, where he worked at Kaplan and PwC, before joining the University of Liverpool in 2015.

Nick teaches VIVA's P2 subject. 


Kelly Davison

Kelly Davison is an experienced CIMA tutor, who worked with Kaplan for 16 years, and now serves as Director at KD Advisory Services.

Kelly is VIVA's OCS expert.  


Laura Winkworth

A former Senior Tax Manager at Deloitte, Laura is now an active financial tutor across the ACCA, AAT, ACA and CIMA qualifications.

Laura is VIVA's SCS expert.


James Griffiths

James Griffiths has 23 years of experience teaching financial accounting across both ACCA and CIMA qualifications. James is comfortable teaching the most basic and most advanced financial reporting concepts.

James teaches both F1 and F2 for VIVA and he is also involved in applying Financial pillar topics (F1 and F2) to the OCS and MCS.


Peter Woolley

A qualified accountant, following a successful 8 year career with a big four firm, Peter decided to move into education well over a decade ago. Peter has tutored students for both CIMA and ACCA. He is also a published technical author internationally having written textbooks, exams, question banks and other materials.

Peter teaches VIVA's P3 subject. He also applies F3 theories to the SCS. 


James Wright

Award winning tutor James Wright is one of the world's most prominent ACCA tutors. James is a senior lecturer and programme leader at the University of Lincoln. You can follow James Wright on InstagramFacebookLinkedIn and TikTok for more great ACCA study tips and insights.